George K. Moss Co., Inc. has been in the steam related and combustion industry since 1958 and the hospital medical waste business since 1982. Present management has owned the business since 1978 and has moved the business into more technological and energy conservation markets. Current management includes a fourth generation (total of over 100 years in the boiler repair, fabrication, design and manufacturing business) with an explicit move toward green energy to displace carbon based fuels. Since 1958, Moss has sold over 1600 gas, oil and solid fuel fired boiler and combustion systems. Solid fuels burned include wood, coal, medical, municipal and industrial waste streams. Our lead employees have over 70 years of experience in the boiler, solid fuel combustion, material storage and handling, process piping and cogeneration systems. Moss actively pursues high quality, experienced and technology leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and fabricators that play a major role in our product line development. This aggressive pursuit to be associated with educated, experienced and price conscious manufacturers, consultants and engineers allows us to continually bring new innovation to the market while utilizing their experience of knowing what works and what does not. By understanding market demand and by continually searching for the most competitive and efficient suppliers in the world, we are now significantly more competitively priced than our competitors. The Moss Energy Systems division was created in 1984 to focus on waste-to-energy technologies and is currently actively involved in working with the industrial process, ethanol and co-generation industries.

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