Moss is a leading supplier of solid fuel (wood/biomass/coal) and waste heat recovery high and low pressure steam and hot water firetube, watertube, firebox & hybrid boilers for the industrial market. Our boiler systems provide environmental and energy recovery solutions by providing superior combustion and heat transfer technologies. Moss customers know that our products and system installations are designed, manufactured and installed with cutting edge technology and a thorough understanding for process applications providing superior reliability and performance.

Moss provides six (6) different solid fuel boilers (packaged, semi-field erected & field erected) with four (4) different combustion system technologies ranging in size from 100 - 7,246 HP (3,450 - 250,000 lb./hr.). Our industrial watertube and heat recovery boilers are sized for steam flows up to 250,000 lbs./hr., pressures to 900 PSIG and superheated steam to 950 F.

Moss also provides complete boiler room and water treatment facilities that includes the design, installation and startup of all equipment product lines. Building/foundations are available as part of our facility offerings. Because of these various product offerings and by partnering with our customers, we are able to supply the right solution to their specific plant requirements.