Turbine Design Conditions
Turbine Inlet Steam Pressure: 100-900 PSIG
Turbine Inlet Temperature: less than 900 F
Turbine Exhaust Pressure: 0 - 399 PSIG
Equipment Description - Single Stage Turbine

Each turbine includes the following features:

  • 2 hand valves to provide maximum operating efficiency at partial steam loads
  • Simple ring oil lubrication
  • Dual magnetic pickups for speed control and overspeed protection
  • Electronic actuator

Speed Reduction Gear if required (required on synchronous generators)

Single reduction, double helical, parallel shaft speed reduction gear designed with a minimum 1.3 AGMA service factor. Housings are made from high tensile cast iron for extra rigidity. Pinion and gear are made from steel forgings and are precision hobbed. Speed will be reduced from a specified turbine speed to a generator speed of 1,800 RPM.

Lubrication System (if required)

  • Combined lube oil system for both turbine and gear
  • Shaft driven cast iron oil pump
  • Water cooled shell and tube oil cooler
  • 25 micron filter with replaceable element
  • Reservoir sized for two minute retention time
  • Oil temperature pressure gauges, bimetallic, dial type
  • Low oil pressure and high oil temperature trip switches

Base Plate and Coupling
The turbine, speed reduction gear (if required) and generator will be mounted on a common heavy - duty structural steel base plate. The turbine will be connected to the generator with a coupling. If a gear is required, the gear and the generator will be connected with a close-coupled gear type coupling. These couplings have a 1.5 service factor. A coupling guard will be provided over all installed couplings.

Shop Drawings & Operating Manuals

  • Turbine generator assembly drawing showing equipment, baseplate and mounting holes.
  • Field wiring diagrams
  • Internal wiring diagrams for turbine and generator controls
  • Certified dimension drawings for equipment showing required utility connections.
  • Complete operation and maintenance manuals in duplicate shall be provided at the time of system startup. Each manual shall include all final approved shop drawings plus installation, operation and maintenance manuals for all major components.