• Complete turbine controls for automatic backpressure control, KW limiting control and import/export control
  • Automatic and manual synchronizing controls for utility paralleling
  • Color screen for monitoring and display of turbine speed and steam pressure
  • Utility grade generator protection relay
  • Insulated case, heavy duty electrically operated circuit breaker



  • Moss PLC-based turbine control system.
  • Controller will automatically ramp turbine to rated speed, synchronize, soft-load the generator and engage backpressure control.
  • Color 6" operator interface terminal for setting control parameters and display of exhaust pressure, turbine speed, etc. Optional 10" screen is available with pushbuttons in lieu of 6" touch screen.
  • All alarms and shutdowns will be stored and indicated on an alarm page.
  • All system variables such as time delays and setpoints are easily adjustable by the operator from the controller display set with range limits as desired to prevent operator error.
  • All parameters displayed will be indicated in engineering units.
  • Circuit breaker position indicating lights.
  • Idle/rated switch.
  • Generator load/unload switch.
  • Emergency stop switch with red mushroom head.
  • Provision for generator over temperature protection with stator thermostats (switches).
  • Monitoring of stator and bearing RTD's and/or vibration sensors are provided as options.


  • Multifunction electric power meter for display of:
    • Voltage, per phase and average
    • Current, per phase and average
    • Power (kW)
    • FrequencyPower Factor
    • VARs


  • Fully automatic and manual synchronizing with utility.
  • Automatic frequency matching.
  • Synchronizing equipment for use during manual synchronizing.
  • Digital Synchroscope.
  • Auto/manual synchronizing switch.
  • Raise/lower switches for voltage and frequency.
  • Metering for display of generator and bus voltage and frequency on controller display.

Note: Automatic synchronizing requires a compatible voltage regulator, supplied by owner or others.

Generator protection with a Beckwith Intertie/Generator Protection Relay M-3410 utility grade multifunction relay which includes the following protective functions:

  • Under/over voltage
  • Overcurrent
  • Four step over/under frequency
  • Reverse power
  • Synchronous check with dead bus override
  • Loss of excitation
  • Phase balance
  • Negative sequence overcurrent
  • VT fuse-loss detection
  • 32 point sequence of events recorder


  • Electrically operated insulated case circuit breaker, GE, Square D or equal - 600 Volt rated, 5-cycle close (as required for synchronization). Breaker frame and amperage rating plug as required for application
  • Stationary mounting
  • Undervoltage release and auxiliary contacts
  • Metering and relaying current and voltage transformers