George K. Moss Co., Inc. can supply the following pumps for your deaerator, surge tank, boiler feedwater system or high - pressure condensate return system. Our manufacturers supply pumps that can provide dependable service for your application, and we make every effort to apply the correct pump to the application. NPSH, boiler operating pressure, feedwater temperature, etc., are always considered when determining the correct pump to the application. The following pumps can be supplied for a new packaged system or for the replacement of a damaged or worn out pump. The pump manufacturers that we use on our systems are as follows:

  1. Grundfos
  2. Ingersoll-Dresser
  3. Goulds
  4. MTH
  5. Paco
  6. IMO
  7. Dean

So when you need a new pump for an existing application or for a new deaerator or feedwater system, let George K. Moss Co., Inc. be your pump supplier.