George K. Moss Co., Inc. is a distributor for Ceco Metal Building Company, one of the largest manufacturers of metal buildings in the United States. They have three (3) manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States so our freight cost is competitive for any plant location. Moss will make a special effort to examine the needs of your boiler/medical waste facility to insure proper air flow/ventilation, lighting, electrical outlets, control room, etc., is provided. Proper building design is crucial for the successful operation of your facility. The building is something that will be at your facility for many, many years - so why not do it right!! All of our buildings are to be constructed to meet local building guidelines (ground snow load, seismic, wind load, etc.) and is to include painted steel roof and walls. Rollup canister style doors are provided for access and maintenance of the equipment. We also supply building electrical to include hi-bay 400 - watt lighting fixtures, conduit/wiring, wall plugs, walk-in doors, etc.

In addition, we will provide concrete foundations that include the proper trenches and grating that allows for installation piping and proper drainage. Our conservative design insures our customers the equipment foundations are properly designed for full operating conditions.

If your facility needs a building for your boiler or medical waste facility, let Moss provide you with a turnkey proposal. Our building/foundations are very competitively priced. So let Moss be your single source supplier!!!!