Professional industrial grade gas/oil/waste fuel fired boilers to meet every specification.

Boilers Intro

GKMOSS custom builds systems to your spec. Please check our site or contact us for further information on how we can create a system for your needs.

George K. Moss Co., Inc. can provide skid mounted packaged boiler systems that range in size from 25 - 100 HP. Our systems can include boiler feedwater system with pumps, water softener, chemical feed system and blowdown separator. All you need to do is supply a steam line connection, make-up water, condensate return and electrical supply to our panels and you will have a nice, neat boiler facility that is dependable and efficient.

Steam Boiler Package

Standard Features and Equipment

  • ASME National Board Registered Pressure Vessel (15 - 150 PSI)
  • Seamless steel tubes
  • Turbulators are supplied for maximum heat transfer
  • 4-piece construction (vent collector/tank/combustion chamber/burner)
  • Structural steel skid
  • 16 gauge steel jacket (square jacket is standard)
  • High density insulation
  • High efficiency UL Listed natural gas, #2 fuel oil or combination burners
  • UL Listed assembly
  • CSD-1 compliance (models greater than 400,000 BTU/input)
  • Heat transfer area sized at up to 5.5 Sq Ft per BHP to obtain up to 84% efficiency
  • Main and auxiliary safety shut off gas/oil valves
  • Honeywell RM7895A or R8184G flame safeguard controls
  • Main gas regulator and cock and/or oil pump
  • Air proving switch (Natural gas only)
  • Flame inspection port
  • Tank inspection / four (4) cleanout openings
  • Internal feedwater preheater
  • Standard mechanical trim to include:
    1. Pressure control (Off / On)
    2. Pressure limit (manual reset)
    3. ASME safety valve(s)
    4. Pressure gauge with gauge cock
    5. Feedwater stop & check valves
    6. Full port bottom blowdown valve(s) (2 required on models greater than 100 PSI)
    7. Combination float-type level control/flow water cut-off with blowdown valve
    8. Water level sight gauge with blowdown valve
    9. Manual reset probe-type low water cut-off with pilot light
    10. Surface blowdown
    11. Single point utility connections

Optional Equipment and Accessories

  • Several burner manufacturers available
  • Motorized gas valve(s)
  • Low-high-low or modulating controls
  • FM or IRI insurance compliance
  • Fireye combustion control
  • Outside air intake adapter
  • Side or rear flue connection
  • Automatic feedwater solenoid valve (installed for make-up water)
  • Automatic timed surface blowdown system (installed)
  • Low pressure switch with alarm
  • Vacuum breaker (installed)
  • Auxiliary float - type low water cut - off