George K. Moss Co., Inc. can provide many different industrial watertube boiler designs that can meet your most stringent steam flow or pressure/temperature requirements. Our designs provide for safety first with efficiency and low maintenance as secondary but just as important. Our D, S, A, O & CP industrial boiler designs can provide steam flows from 5,000 - 250,000 lbs./hr. and can burn various fuels (from natural gas, #2-6 fuel oils, waste oils, hydrogen, waste gases, wood, coal, etc.). Our systems are provided with several different burner systems from highly qualified manufacturers.

If the Owner or Engineer does not provide specifications, Moss will review the application and then apply the correct boiler and burner design to supply your facility with an efficient and long lasting boiler facility.

As part of our industrial watertube boiler system offering is the capability to provide complete mechanical, electrical and structural services for installation of the boiler(s) and all boiler accessories. Our scope can include supplying all required water equipment (water softeners, dealkalizers, filters, chemical feed systems, etc.), deaerator, stack economizer, continuous blowdown heat recovery, blowdown equipment, stacks, building/foundation and any and all other equipment or components required for a complete and professional installation (see equipment capabilities within Moss website). Although our systems are completely automatic, we feel that properly trained plant personnel is crucial to the proper maintenance and longevity of the equipment; therefore, we include startup of all equipment and provide thorough training of your personnel. As part of our startup services, maintenance and inspection services after the installation and startup can be supplied upon your request.